Monday, May 13, 2013

{ikea jennylund hack}

I told y'all I was going to do an Ikea hack on my jennylund chair a few weeks ago (or was it months ago...I can't remember)-- transforming it into a rocker/swivel chair.  I had my parents pick me up the chair when they were in Chicago a while ago.  And I absolutely love it.  It's definitely on the smaller scale, made more for a woman than a man.  But its just perfect for me and the price is hard to beat!

I figured I'd do the hacking part when I had time down the road and I'd just live with the chair legs as is for now.  Well much to my surprise-- the chair we purchased had one leg that would not screw in.  I realized it was totally stripped (this is about the same time I'm kicking myself for buying a cheap chair...).  Which would have upset most people, but I figured maybe it was just a "sign" this particular chair was made for hacking (haha...lucky me!!) I didn't need the legs after calling ikea customer service with my problem they refunded me half the chair price (score!!) and I got my chair for a bargain!

Now came time for the hacking-- as the chair was rather useless without a base.  I considered buying a rocker-swivel base off ebay like all the tutorials recommended, but then I got the crazy thrifty idea that maybe I could just re-purpose a base from an old rocker/swivel chair.  (This is when my husband thought I was really off my pun intended! ;)) We just happened to be on a walk and I spied a good condition upholstered rocking/swivel chair on a garage sale for $20.  Hubs said if the chair was still for sale at the end of the day he would go back and offer them $5 for the chair and explain to them we were just going to use the base....  Sure enough at 3pm the old but still working chair was still there and so he went up and snagged that sucker for $5.  Still can't believe he did that..but the people were happy to have it gone as they were planning on hauling it to the dump if it didn't sell and we were happy with our cheap-o base.

Our handyman/friend Andy did all the labor. He's kind of awesome like that. So here's what he did.  It took him a half hour.

Of course, you will need to unscrew the legs and peel off the white fabric on the bottom.

Andy then constructed the base with two 2x4's.  He screwed them directly into the edge of the frame.

Then he screwed the re-purposed base into the 2x4's.

Then simply flip the chair and it's totally done. 

SO easy.   Thinking I will put this chair in Roverboy's room once we move.  It really is more of an accent chair perfect for a bedroom! 

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