Wednesday, May 22, 2013

{check it out}

Checked floors just feel so classic and timeless no matter what generation they are from. One of the houses I looked at online has checkered floors, as much as I didn't think they were really "me" they are totally growing on me! They add just right graphic punch particularly in older homes.  I think sometimes in larger kitchens they can swallow the whole room being too graphic.  But in a smaller square or galley kitchen they are perfect.  I also like them better on a diagonal. 

Here are some of my favorite inspirational photos::

Holly Mathis pulls them off effortlessly in her cute little kitchen

holly mathis.  I want a checkerboard floor!
image via

So what do you think? Do you embrace the checks in a kitchen? 


  1. When we were little, our Grandmother had check floors in the kitchen of her summer home on the Chesapeake Bay. It was perfect in her 50's style split-level that my Grandfather built her. We have some really happy memories of that floor, that kitchen, and that lovely woman!

    1. Oh what a great memory!!! Thanks for sharing!


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