Friday, April 26, 2013

{eclectic bathroom & persian rugs }

There is just something about eclectic rooms that draw me into them....I love studying all the little details. I simply can't not look at this bathroom below without smiling.  It's just such a happy space!

 The pink & red stripes feel very preppy, kate spade-ish. The vanity& bead board is cottage country.  The velvet chair feels retro-thrift. The rug feels very ethnic-chic.  

 Such a unexpected collection-- but it all compliments it other perfectly in my opinion.  Such a fun & unique space!

 My favorite behind the stripe-y walls is the Persian accent rug. It just completes the space. 

Pink-and-red stripes and white paneling and tile in a cheerful bathroom

If y'all are in the market for a beautiful persian rug, check out  They have the most gorgeous collection of Hamedan Hand Knotted rugs at reasonable prices.

Persian Hamedan

3' 2 x 5' 10 Navy Blue Hamedan Persian Rugs

4' 7 x 11' 1 Rust Red Hamedan Persian Rugs

3' 10 x 4' 8 Red Hamedan Area Rugs
3' 8 x 9' 7 Navy Blue Hamedan Persian Rugs

Hope y'all have a great weekend! 


  1. I love handmade Oriental rugs. The first rug with the hot pink highlights is really pretty!

  2. Such beautiful pieces of Persian rugs. No room can be complete without a rug.

  3. Great post! The Oriental Rugs Milwaukee given here are very lovely and amazing, I like it very much because the design is really nice. I want to have this and I will put also to our bathroom like the photo given in this blog. Thank you for sharing this article with us.


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