Monday, April 1, 2013

{bunny pit stop}

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! 

The Easter bunny made a special stop at our house over the weekend.

My nugget found his basket in 2 seconds flat.  Bunny better take notes and hide better next year! 

His favorite basket treat was his new "jeep".  Of course, he was pretty giddy over the chocolate cadbury eggs in his basket... he got his momma's sweet tooth. 

"jeep" got lots of play even hauled some chocolate basketballs around.  

Roverboy also quickly discovered that if you shake the egg you can tell whether or not there are goodies inside...

I've learned holidays these days are ALL about seeing this boy's face light up.....pure chocolate covered joy! 

And Easter wouldn't be complete without a egg hunt or two (or three..) 

We cracked confetti eggs this year....must remember to do these every year, they were a huge hit and best of all,  sugar free! :)

Nugget even wore a big boy outfit to church this year...he looked so grown up! 

After church we tried desperately to get a family picture...but by that point my little bunny foo-foo wasn't having anything to do with the camera. 

So we gave up on the idea of a family picture and just got a mommy+ daddy picture instead....I guess we'll try again next year.

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