Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Happy first day of Spring Friends! 

Sorry been meaning to post all day (now it's actually Thursday but pretend it's still Wednesday) I spent the day with BOTH of my grandma's one-on-one today and I just want to thank God for this precious time in my life.  I know many times I wish away the days- hoping for more normalcy in the future for our little three ring circus (will explain later..but if you are close family or friends you know our current situation!) but days like today make me grateful for all the sacrifice and choices we have made to be in this place at this time in our lives.  Time is a fleeting thing ( I never truly understood that saying until I had my little boy and I realized first hand how time ticks so unbelievably quick.)  I do wish that was a lesson I could have learned earlier in my life but I don't think you grasp the depth of time fully until you are an adult.  Both my grandma's where a HUGE part of my life growing up as a child, then unexpectedly we moved right before my freshman year of high school.  This is when some distance started (I know I was a teenager...and that's what teenagers do...)...but slowly I only got to experience my grandparent's at holidays or family occasions.  I know weeks and weeks went by without me calling them to say hello or check in throughout my college years.  I regret that now. But, I am so blessed to have grown closer to both of them in ways I didn't even realize I needed in the short time we've been back home.  I know some day I will look back on our time here and be so glad we uprooted our family to be back here in this place at this time.   God has truly blessed us in so many way I know someday I will realize this was all apart of the journey to get to the big picture.  It's been a humbling, at times soul-searching, take it one day at time, can't-look-back-now, experience for me.  But I am choosing to embrace this last part of the ride because it's not over yet and I want to soak up the last of these sweet days being near all the one's I love.

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