Tuesday, March 12, 2013

{leap of faith}


We took a leap of faith a few weeks ago, and listed our only "family" vehicle on craigslist. Not honestly, thinking we would sell it.  But knowing that it wasn't the BEST fit for our lives anymore.

Sure enough, right when you think something won't happen, it does.

it sold. within days. 

and now we are without our own vehicle.  It's a scary feeling...I'm still praying we made the right decision by selling our perfectly good vehicle.  

I found this quote and honestly it couldn't be more fitting:: 

"Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith." - Margaret Shepard

People think we're crazy (and we very well might be...) :) 
The first question we got, was what are you going to drive!? 

Haha...we didn't know.  Mr. Cattlebuyer has a work truck so him getting to work wasn't an issue (otherwise we wouldn't have sold our only vehicle...obviously!)

Thankfully this go around (vehicle shopping) we are going to take our time and find the best vehicle for our lives now and in the future.  I'm at an age where honestly I'm not trying to please or impress anyone (sorry friends and family!) I just want to find the best fit for our lives even it it means sacrificing a little bit of style (to a certain degree...) I am cool with buying used vehicles (Thanks to Mr. Dave Ramsey!)

My short and sweet vehicle wish list::

1. 4 wheel drive (we live in the midwest so this is sort of a must)
2. Cargo space 
3. Good gas mileage (we will need to make lots of road trips home to see family and friends)
4. I would love seating for 7 (we had seating for 5 in our last vehicle and it was always felt tight.)  I want to have room to grow. 

That's about it. Now let the searching begin...these are a few of my favorites. 

First up, the Toyota Highlander 

It is one of the last SUV's on the market which seats 7 but still gets 23 mpg.  The hybrids get 27 mpg! Super cool.  But obviously hybrids come with a price tag! 

Next up,

The Chevy Traverse

More of a cross-over style vehicle, it also seats 7 and gets 23 mpg. I like it, but I'm not sure it's "me".  We test drove one of these last summer and I felt like I was driving a mini-van. not cool for a mom of one. 

Next is, 

The GMC Acadia

Another Cross-over style vehicle. This bad boy actually has seating for 8! Also gets about 23 mpg highway.  

Right now all three are in the running! Do y'all have any recommendations on great family vehicles that would fit all of the above criteria? Spill the beans. 

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  1. My friends just bought a Terrain. I can't remember if it's GMC or Chevy. They love it and I believe it seats 7. Good gas mileage,as that was a must for them b/c they live in the middle of nowwhere and she drives 40 minutes to work everyday.


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