Thursday, February 21, 2013

{my boy}

The other day I randomly pulled out my camera. I've found I usually capture my favorite images on days when nothing special is going on.  It seems less stressful when you aren't trying to get a good image and you are just trying to capture your child in their element, praying the picture is in focus! :)  

It's not perfect (I am such a rookie with my camera) but it's more about my boy than it is about the quality of the picture.

I love him. his messy nap hair, notched ears, innocent little eyes.  What a blessing he is to our lives. I thank God everyday for giving me this little person to reflect upon daily.  I never fully understood or grasped how wide and how high God's love for us is, until I had him.  Now it all seems so clear.  There is nothing in this world he could do to make me love him any more or any less. 

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