Monday, February 11, 2013

{loving the home your in:: flowers}

In honor of this Valentine week-- I'm dedicating my blog to LOVING the home your in! It's easy, with just a few simple things that I'm going to share with you this week.  

First up. something so simple. 


What woman doesn't love flowers? I  know it seems cheesy (especially this week).  But give your home some flowers.  it will bring a smile to your face.  Just browse your favorite designer interiors and I guarantee you won't see many rooms without a vase of flowers or greenery.

I'm not talking about some elaborate centerpiece...because really WHO can afford that? 

What I'm talking about is a small bud vase with a sprig or two of fresh flowers.   It doesn't even have to come from a store or florist (although in these winter months it will have too...especially if you live in the midwest) But to me, one flower can have just as much impact as a few dozen.  And if they are free from your own yard...that just makes them all the better!! But for this time of year-- just go in and ask your local florist what is in season, cheapest bud available.  

Put your vase somewhere you will see it, and enjoy it! Next to your kitchen sink, on your nightstand, desk, or even in the bathroom. Put it wherever it will put a smile on your face. 

Here's a few of my favorite examples::

Sink bouquet

Dresser styling

marble + skirt

planking, high backsplash, antlers

serene + sophisticated

Come back tomorrow for another great "love your home" tip! 

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  1. Love them all and I agree 100%. Flowers instantly brighten any space.


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