Friday, February 15, 2013

{loving the home your in:: de-clutter}

Sorry for being MIA lately...I've been going non-stop the past few days!

But I'm back today with another easy way you can easily love the home your currently living in (even if it's not your "dream" home!) 

 DE-CLUTTER.  Nothing stresses people out more than clutter.  I'm not talking about every little thing you own (I do believe it's important to be surrounded by your favorite personal items & trinkets) but be selective.  You don't need to display EVERYTHING. People's biggest issue is they have too much stuff-- people don't know how to edit & polish. Thankfully interior designers can help you with this! We know what looks good and how to pair complimentary items together in a way that pleases human the eye.

You won't believe it the difference it will make in your home-- not to mention how much quicker it will be for you to clean & dust! :) 

Below is a great example:: Everything is displayed, but it's all put together artfully.  


Again- there is quite a few items on these shelves below, but it is very selective.  Give everything you own a "home".  Giving your items a place of belonging will make them feel at home and give them a purpose (even if they are just a visual element...)

*SWOOOON* worthy laundry room: sigh, i want this

Another great example:: Fun trinkets on a nightstand, but notice everything has a place.  Obviously-- this isn't a real life cell phone, no glass of water, ect, ect but by being selective with your objects it allows you to have room for the "everyday" stuff you need on a day-to-day basis. And if you need your nightstand to look put-together all it takes is moving a few of your everyday (not-so-pretty) items and wa-lah your nightsand looks put together instantly!

window treatment, side table vignette | urban grace interiors (Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House)

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