Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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Designer Crush: Katie Rosenfeld

Welcome back to part TWO of loving the home your in! In honor of this Valentine's week, I'm sharing with y'all some quick and easy ways you can love your own home just the way it is.  In a world where everyone is telling you to upgrade, renovate, remodel, supersize me.  Try to see that you can find joy where ever you are, if you choose to make it that way.  Okay, we all want to knock down walls, build elaborate kitchens, find more storage space, extra bedrooms....the list goes on and on.  But then there is reality:: budgets, time conflicts, and building restrictions.  But once you change your mindset and embrace where you are living right this minute, it can really change your whole perspective.

Morrison Fairfax Interiors: Adorable navy blue big boy's bedroom.

Today I'm going to be talking about colors.  In order to be entirely happy in our homes, we need to surround ourselves with colors that bring out the best in us.  One of my first questions when designing a client's home are "what colors do you like/dislike?" It's a simple question-- but colors are quite personal.  Some people love warm, bright colors and some love deep, moody hues, while other's prefer a neutral clean slate.  Everybody is drawn to something different.  Embrace the colors you like!

love this white linen living room

Don't live with the yellow kitchen the previous owners painted, if yellow isn't your color.  Believe me, surrounding yourself with the wrong colors gives you that much more reason to hate your home.  Surprisingly, paint is one of the cheapest ways to transform you home! 

Furbish Studio - Chic bedroom with pink walls paint color, white vintage bed, black & ...

Find the colors you enoy wearing/being around and embrace them! I promise you it will bring a smile to
 your face!

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