Wednesday, December 19, 2012

{sickness & heartache}

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Sorry for the silence this week.  Not going to lie...last Friday's horrific and overwhelming tragedy in Connecticut still has me in a bit of a slump.  It's hard to type/write when your heart hurts for so many people.  It's hard to think of anything except those grieving the unthinkable loss of their babies.  

Lately, I've just wanted to spend time with my little one.  Not much else. I know I am not alone in this desire.  And thank goodness, I have that privilege at my fingertips.  It's a sweet blessing I know I am guilty of sometimes taking for granted. 

In addition to grieving with the entire nation, we as a family unfortunately also got hit by the worst stomach bug ever Sunday night which wiped out our entire family along with 10+  members of our extended family.  It's was absolutely awful.  Thankfully we are almost back to 100% healthy today.  Now just trying to play catch up amidst the holiday madness. I've accepted that some things this year are just going to not get done (my goodness...only 6 days until Christmas!)  and I'm good with that.  Sorry homemade creative gifts and baking a tray of Christmas treats. Not going to happen this year.

Maybe next year. Or maybe not.  

Maybe I'll just hug my boys and thank God for the blessings all around me.   

May God bless you all during these wonderfully joyful days of advent! God is good always! 

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