Wednesday, November 14, 2012

{velvet sofa}

Something about the winter season makes me want a velvet sofa.  

Their rich, warm texture has me yearning to get one.  However,velvet isn't exactly kid-friendly and we aren't exactly "velvet" kind of people.  So, I guess until we are a mess-free home (aka the retirement years) I will have to put this little dream of mine on hold.  Just Monday I spent 3 hours cleaning up an entire bottle of brightest RED nail polish I own from our carpet....lovely. (yes, i take responsibility as this was partially my fault for turning my back on rover boy for 1 minute as he was using the nail polish bottles as maracas/drumsticks.) 

Anyways, until I can have my very own. I will stick to admiring these beauties online: 

navy velvet sofa

velvet sofa

chartreuse velvet sofa
Velvet Sofa

Blue velvet sofa!!

Happy Wednesday Friends! 

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