Friday, November 23, 2012

{happy black friday!}

In honor of BLACK friday, one of my most favorite black bedrooms.  I can't decide what I like more...the scalloped bedding, stripe rug, wall of bookshelves, or the wide french doors that lead out to the private patio.  The simple monochromatic color palate is anything but boring.  And check out that foot statue next to the armchair?! You know what they say...every good room has a conversation piece, I think that qualifies! 

Cosy, crisp.

I hope you all scored some great deals today! 

I know I had to pry myself away from the computer to fight the urge to buy every little good deal available! I'm such a sucker for a good online sale! ;) And before I leave, I just have to put a plug in for one of my favorite companies.  If y'all love to dress your littles in precious smocked and monogrammed numbers be sure to check out Remember Nguyen for 50% everything today (I stocked up for my roverboy!) 

My favorite piece is this little number I snagged from their sample sale for $7!!! That's an unbelievable sale for a smocked number! 

Product Detail

Rover boy's Uncle Cole (my brother in law) is leaving next week for his deployment.  I thought it'd be fun to photograph Cash in this and send some pictures to Uncle Cole overseas! 

Hope you all enjoy your weekend-- we are off to have our 3rd Thanksgiving feast tomorrow! :) 

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