Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{dreams & vision}

So thankful I never lost sight of my "dream" as a little girl....

I remember the first time my mom explained to me what exactly an interior designer is/does....  I knew that's exactly what I needed to be when I grew up. No other profession would do.  I never thought twice about being an interior designer from 4-12th grade and beyond.  I did have one moment in college (it was 3 am and I was building a bass wood model, my exacto knife slipped and I had just nearly cut off my pinky finger... I swear I cried and thought for certain I was going to quit school right then and there.  So glad I stuck it out through all the blood (yes-lots of scars on my fingers from the exacto knife), sweat (I carried my monster of a laptop bag, book bag, art box, lunch bag, and usually a jumbo size bag from the dick blick filled with foam core/bass wood/lord knows what other supplies were needed for studio on any said day) Which explains why my back is so messed up! and tears (yes--there were lots of tears...I never got a full night of sleep in all my 4 years of college) ) But honestly, I wouldn't trade it for the world-- it really did make for the best memories! :)


I know I learned a thing or two in college (about design) and all those un-necessary electives they make you take like philosophy (?).  But most of all I learned you can't give up on your dream.

If you don't make your dreams happen, no one else ever will.  

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