Friday, November 16, 2012

{christmas fashion wishes}

I know I tell my husband every year, I don't need anything for Christmas! :) I really don't, but it sure is fun to wish...and believe me my list is LONG (too long, really...i'm kind of embarrassed) .  I've found I am really good at delayed gratification when it comes to fashion items (I wait a long time to buy things (or I'm just border line cheap when it comes to my clothes, but y'all already know that!) I'm a good dreamer of stylish clothes but rarely purchase quality items.  Like I said, I'm cheap when it comes to my clothes....trying to change that.   But my motto is:: think on it, give it time, and a month or two if you are still dreaming about said fashion item, it's probably an item you would wear time and time again. However if you forget about said item after a week or two, forget about it--wasn't worth it anyway.  This works out really well on the wallet, but usually I wait too long and then the item is sold out by the time I pull the trigger to purchase....which is quite unfortunate but usually I just tell myself it wasn't worth it anyway. 

However, those Tory Burch drivers I fell in LOVE with last year.... I'm still upset I didn't pull the trigger on those babies! I still dream about them.  pathetic.

I will do a home decor wish list next...because Lord knows, I have a ridiculously long list of those items as well! :) 

Okay without further ado my crazy LONG wish/dream fashion list:

Daniel Wellington Watch - Classic Winchester 
(as if I really need another watch...but these are my signature/favorite colors: navy + pink)

Daniel Wellington Watch - Classic Winchester - Ladies

Frye Women's Pressed Jackie Button Boot 
(i know these look like my miss capizo vintage boots-- but really thinking these would be a nice darker brown option)

Frye Women's Pressed Jackie Button Boot - Dark Brown

TOPSHOP Knitted Fluffy Shawl Cardi. Cozy
(i want to wear this sweater right now...)

TOPSHOP  Knitted Fluffy Shawl Cardi.  Cozy

jcrew gingham shirt
(you know my deep, overwhelming love for gingham)

buffalo check.

jcrew excursion vest
(good golly, i would wear this all the time...)
Excursion quilted vest in electric pink

jcrew mint cardi
(great layering piece)
cotton cardigan, mint

alice and oliva coat
(never met a stripe I didn't like...)

Super cute coat by Alice + Olivia

Bonbon Duo Drops 
(my signature colors ...I need these!)

Bonbon Duo Drops $26

(or these...)

fab colors

(or these... :))

Max & Chloe West Avenue Monogram Earrings

FashionABLE saba scarf in denim

(timeless piece...would look great with neutrals!)


Chloe Bag
(it's just perfection) 
Chloe bag in coffee

Okay- hope y'all don't judge me too hard on my ridiculously long wish list, I told you I am a dreamer.

So wondering, what's on your christmas fashion wish list? Stay tuned for my home decor wish list next! 

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