Friday, October 19, 2012

{friday favorites}

TGIF. Amen.

Here's some of my Friday Faves (you can find all the links on my Pinterest boards!)

Hustle. I like that... 

Obsessing over this kelly green dress.  It's my favorite color to wear especially in the fall and winter.  Thinking this would be perfect for Mr. Cattlebuyer's company Christmas Party this year.  Paired with a long gold necklace, black leggings and a pair of ankle booties. 

This picture below inspired me to go out and snag some green skinnies.  I got mine from Target 
(on clearence rack, where else?)  I'm such a cheapo when it comes to clothes *gasp*.  My toddler wears more expensive clothes than i do.... it's ridiculous really! 

Oh my word. I would give my left arm (not seriously...i like my left arm, just not as much as my right) to have a vanity set up like this.... between the topiary's, botanical prints, and monogrammed bench, I feel like it just screams "me" !!! What do you think? 

Loving animal prints paired with gold metallic for fall and winter.  

Lastly, I'm dying to get this ottoman for our living room.  I've been on the look out for something like this since we got our new sofa...and I'm thinking this may be the one (most-likely I will see something tomorrow I like better....thus the vicious undecided ottoman cycle continues...)  What do you guys think of it?

Okay. and I can't leave without sharing about food (my second favorite subject to discus behind interiors...) 

I'm planning on making up some Boo Crunch this weekend to get into the Halloween Spirit.  I cheated this year and purchased Rover boy's Halloween costume a few weeks ago.  I've made his costume for the past two years (which I love to do..) but honestly, I do not have the time right now (nor space) for whipping out the sewing machine.  So store bought will have to do! :) 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 

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