Friday, October 26, 2012

{blog talk radio}

Happy weekend friends! 

Just had to share with you a little something. 

I have a silly confession.

I love listening to southern, christian women talk. like really about anything...but I get really captivated when they talk about the Lord.  

Love it. 
I swear those southern women just rub off on ya (it's a good thing!)

So I'm just going to say it the only way I know how, y'all need to check out: The Pearl.  Hosted by Sibi from Pearls and Grace Blog.  It's good, so good! Even though some topics don't apply necessarily to me right now, I have pulled little bits of knowledge and biblical teachings from each of their shows so far. Hearing them talk in their twangy, southern drawls just brings back so many memories of living in Texas. It's so fun, you must go tune in! (I never even knew blog talk radio existed until this week, where have I been?!)  I feel like it's a little clip of a sermon only in a casual talk show/radio kind of format, LOVE! 

Here's the link below: 

And here's Sibi's Blog, also a fantastic blog read:

Have a great weekend friends! 

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