Thursday, July 19, 2012


Today we get our new sofa...I'm pretty much stoked! After living 6 weeks with minimal furniture, we are going to appreciate our comfy new resting spot that much more!  I will be sure to take pictures as soon as we get it situated! Still not quite sure where we are going to position it! Better figure that out before the moving guys come at 1. Also still need to find pillows + rug but I've been waiting until it comes so I can get a good idea of the actual color.

really liking this geometric print from

On another note:
 I have been suffering from these awful headaches and pressure in my head ever since our move (which was over a month ago!).  It's been the weirdest thing EVER, considering I have never experienced any sort of "headache" or sickness ever in my whole life.  This has totally knocked me on my feet.  I think I finally figured out my sinus' are completely out of whack after moving.  I'm not sure what's causing them, but after hitting up the chiropractor and talking with my nurse grandma and trying everything under the sun to help the pain, I've deducted it MUST BE my sinus'.  I think I may have finally found some RELIEF! I must say life is much better when your head isn't THROBBING with pressure.  I'm not one to complain, but really it's hard to enjoy life (and parenting...) when your head is in constant pain.  Especially if you are single parenting it (like I am most weekdays..).  Long story short, if you would please pray for me and (headache) healing, I so would appreciate it! Thanks friends! 

Hope y'all are enjoyin' summer! Can you believe it's already July 19th? CRAZY! 

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