Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{summer colors}

Something about summer time makes me crave every color of the rainbow! Colors are such an inspiration to me...woulda thought?  ;) So here's a small glimpse of my colorful {pinterest} inspiration

My favorite summer quote!

The combination of these ranunculous, peonies, and succulents are perfection.

Happy rainbow lined envelopes!

Lilly pulitzer rocks my wardrobe this summer! If I ever get a free second I will start up WIWW again....I actually own this lilly dress in navy and I LOVE it!

Pretty Monogramed bangles....possible DIY perhaps?

My absolutely favorite thing about summer (or atleast one of my many favorite things...) Yummy salads with fresh fruit!

I could eat salads all day long if they all looked this pretty! :)

Okay that's all the happy color inspiration I can handle for one night! Have a great evening y'all...hope to be back again soon (I'll try to be more organized in my thoughts next time!)


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