Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{summer fashion}

Happy Tuesday!

I'm working on wrapping up a summery e*design sun room board, but until I'm finished, I thought I'd share with you a couple outfits I'm LOVING for end of spring/beginning of summer!  It's been surprisingly chilly here in West Texas...and to be honest, I'm kind of liking this "in between" weather phase.  I'm no-fashion expert by any means, but I do know what I like when it comes to fashion and both of these fit the bill perfectly! 

This first outfit is just too cute for words...those scalloped shorts are just the cutest thing ever (tried some scalloped seersucker Lilly shorts on last week and fell in love....)  I would probably switch out the earrings for just a simple pearl stud and of course I'd pair it a couple of my Gold Simple Bauble Bracelets

The next outfit is similar and oh-so me! Love the green gingham + navy shorts.   The Longchamp bag (which by the way is still on my ever growing "wish list"....I keep wanting to take the plunge but then I find something else I really want/need instead! Thus is life right?)   I would switch out the starfish necklace and pair this with something a little louder like maybe a punchy turquoise necklace!  Other than that though, I love this whole combination! 

I'm also loving Jack Rogers sandals for summer! I've never owned a pair but they look so well made and I love their color selection!  I'm thinking (If for some reason I happen to find a money tree growing in our lawn....) I would purchase the new jelly Jacks! They look super comfortable and of course would be a little more do-able for my messy little park-playing, mud puddle lifestyle. 

Do any of you own a pair of Jacks? If so, do you love them? Did you have to break them in before you wore them? What are you all loving for the beginning of summer? 


  1. I bought fake jacks at a store called The Shoe Dept for 19.99 and everyone I work with thought they were real. The real ones hurt for a few days, then they are pretty comfy.

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