Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Uh oh...It appears I have done a no-no! 

I feel bad....apparently I stole someone's picture! Apparently there is this thing called copyrights (okay I know a little about these, but not enough to be highly educated!).  I feel sort of foolish- and don't worry I remedied the situation immediately by deleting said copyrighted photo! 

 I do feel very bad- everything I post here or on facebook is meant to be shared as ideas (50-75% of which are not my actual photographs)! I really hope you don't think I actually go into all these homes, kitchens, closets and snap photos of all these pretty things I share with you.  I do realize with facebook, pinterest, instagram, twitter pictures are used readily and sadly many are "stolen" every day. Not everyone has copyright's on their pictures but many do even if they don't visually say they are "copyrighted."  Just taking a google image for an idea and sharing it can be "copyright" infringement, note to self!!!! Which is exactly what happened in my sticky situation! 

Anyways- I do want to apologize and clear up the issue, I promise I have learned my lesson.  I do not plan on using photo's here on the blog/facebook/twitter/instagram without DOUBLE CHECKING copyrights.  

And maybe I will even look into do a little more research on my own said copyrights just for future reference.  

Thanks for listening friends- y'all know I don't mean any harm. I love sharing ideas and inspiration with y'all and I promise (even if it requires more time...) I will double and triple check copyrighted photos from here on out! :) 

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