Monday, May 14, 2012

{it's all the in the details: shagreen}

Happy Morning to you all! 

Shagreen is type of hide commonly made of the skins of sharks and rays.  Shagreen has an unusually rough and granular surface, and is sometimes used as a fancy leather for book bindings, pocketbooks and small cases although is now more commonly used in home decor items and furniture.  Real Shagreen can be a bit pricey but the rich textural quality it instantly provides is something you can't find anywhere else.  

Here are some of my favorite Shagreen pieces: 

Simple Parson's desk in Shagreen....such a versatile piece! 

The look and "feel" of a Shagreen pattern except in a soft upholstery fabric- love these fun accent colors as well! 

Just a touch of colored Shagreen goes a long way like these nesting trays.  Love their deep turquoise color.

Lastly I found this cool Shagreen lamp...I can only imagine how pretty the textures on this lamp look when the light is hitting all those pretty little dots. 

So what do y'all think? Have you purchased anything Shagreen lately? Keep your eye out for it next time you go shopping, it seems to be slowly making it's way into the fashion industry as well!  And if you can justify buying a Shagreen parson's table, surely you can find an excuse for a new pocketbook right? ;) 

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