Thursday, May 24, 2012

{designer love: alexa hampton}

Told y'all I'd be back!

Today I'm featuring a super talented designer, Alexa Hampton.  When her father died, creator of Mark Hampton LLC,  Alexa took over the family business and has carried on her father's signature sophisticated yet inviting style.  I love her attention to detail and ability to layer textures and styles seamlessly.

These dark walls are the perfect backdrop for this crisp white bed and gold framed prints.

The total opposite of the last room, this dining room is light and airy with loads of architectural detailing! That wood work is too.die.for! The soft blue grey color palate really creates a soothing & relaxing atmosphere.

Tons of fabulous layering here on the nightstand! I also love the very monochromatic grey & white color scheme with just a pop of color coming from the accent chairs. Perfection.

All photos are from Alexa Hampton: The Language of Interior Design.

Hope you all are enjoying your Thursday! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Uh oh...It appears I have done a no-no! 

I feel bad....apparently I stole someone's picture! Apparently there is this thing called copyrights (okay I know a little about these, but not enough to be highly educated!).  I feel sort of foolish- and don't worry I remedied the situation immediately by deleting said copyrighted photo! 

 I do feel very bad- everything I post here or on facebook is meant to be shared as ideas (50-75% of which are not my actual photographs)! I really hope you don't think I actually go into all these homes, kitchens, closets and snap photos of all these pretty things I share with you.  I do realize with facebook, pinterest, instagram, twitter pictures are used readily and sadly many are "stolen" every day. Not everyone has copyright's on their pictures but many do even if they don't visually say they are "copyrighted."  Just taking a google image for an idea and sharing it can be "copyright" infringement, note to self!!!! Which is exactly what happened in my sticky situation! 

Anyways- I do want to apologize and clear up the issue, I promise I have learned my lesson.  I do not plan on using photo's here on the blog/facebook/twitter/instagram without DOUBLE CHECKING copyrights.  

And maybe I will even look into do a little more research on my own said copyrights just for future reference.  

Thanks for listening friends- y'all know I don't mean any harm. I love sharing ideas and inspiration with y'all and I promise (even if it requires more time...) I will double and triple check copyrighted photos from here on out! :) 

Monday, May 21, 2012

{design board: casual & coastal sun room}

I finally wrapped up this fun design board.  Up until this project I've never had the privilege of designing/decorating a sun room so this was a real treat for me!  We based the color palette around cool blue's, sorbet orange, and soft grey.  Touches of gold were added through the accessories and hardware.  This room will primarily be used for eating afternoon lunches, relaxing, and game playing with the family so we wanted all the textures and materials to be very casual and easily clean-able...nothing too fancy here folks!  Cotton slipcovers, wicker furniture, and warm woods create a cozy yet airy atmosphere for this bright sun room which overlooks a gorgeous back yard.  


If you are interested in my interior design services please contact me at 
moderngracedesigns{at} hotmail {dot} com

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{what i wore}

As always I'm linking up with Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy for another week of outfit inspiration! 

Do y'all happen to recognize my Chambray shirt? I wore it all.the.time. belted up last fall!  I love the contrast of chambray & white for summer.  I tried to punch up the outfit by adding my leopard wedges (which are super comfortable by the way!) I also added a few purple bracelets in with my gold baubles for a touch of color! 

Chambray shirt: Target
Shorts: Express
Wedges: Payless
Belt: OLD.
Bracelets: Gold Simple Bauble Chain Bracelet from my boutique! 

Thanks for stopping by! Come back and see me again next week! 

{summer fashion}

Happy Tuesday!

I'm working on wrapping up a summery e*design sun room board, but until I'm finished, I thought I'd share with you a couple outfits I'm LOVING for end of spring/beginning of summer!  It's been surprisingly chilly here in West Texas...and to be honest, I'm kind of liking this "in between" weather phase.  I'm no-fashion expert by any means, but I do know what I like when it comes to fashion and both of these fit the bill perfectly! 

This first outfit is just too cute for words...those scalloped shorts are just the cutest thing ever (tried some scalloped seersucker Lilly shorts on last week and fell in love....)  I would probably switch out the earrings for just a simple pearl stud and of course I'd pair it a couple of my Gold Simple Bauble Bracelets

The next outfit is similar and oh-so me! Love the green gingham + navy shorts.   The Longchamp bag (which by the way is still on my ever growing "wish list"....I keep wanting to take the plunge but then I find something else I really want/need instead! Thus is life right?)   I would switch out the starfish necklace and pair this with something a little louder like maybe a punchy turquoise necklace!  Other than that though, I love this whole combination! 

I'm also loving Jack Rogers sandals for summer! I've never owned a pair but they look so well made and I love their color selection!  I'm thinking (If for some reason I happen to find a money tree growing in our lawn....) I would purchase the new jelly Jacks! They look super comfortable and of course would be a little more do-able for my messy little park-playing, mud puddle lifestyle. 

Do any of you own a pair of Jacks? If so, do you love them? Did you have to break them in before you wore them? What are you all loving for the beginning of summer? 

Monday, May 14, 2012

{it's all the in the details: shagreen}

Happy Morning to you all! 

Shagreen is type of hide commonly made of the skins of sharks and rays.  Shagreen has an unusually rough and granular surface, and is sometimes used as a fancy leather for book bindings, pocketbooks and small cases although is now more commonly used in home decor items and furniture.  Real Shagreen can be a bit pricey but the rich textural quality it instantly provides is something you can't find anywhere else.  

Here are some of my favorite Shagreen pieces: 

Simple Parson's desk in Shagreen....such a versatile piece! 

The look and "feel" of a Shagreen pattern except in a soft upholstery fabric- love these fun accent colors as well! 

Just a touch of colored Shagreen goes a long way like these nesting trays.  Love their deep turquoise color.

Lastly I found this cool Shagreen lamp...I can only imagine how pretty the textures on this lamp look when the light is hitting all those pretty little dots. 

So what do y'all think? Have you purchased anything Shagreen lately? Keep your eye out for it next time you go shopping, it seems to be slowly making it's way into the fashion industry as well!  And if you can justify buying a Shagreen parson's table, surely you can find an excuse for a new pocketbook right? ;) 

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Hope you all are enjoying a special Mother's Day weekend! 

Huge shout out to my own mom who taught me how to live like a lady, laugh like a girl, and love like a woman...she means the world to me and is quite the lady raising three girls for many years all by herself!  I am forever grateful for all the sacrifices she made for me and my two sister's growing up.
 I'm so proud to call her my own! :) 

Also, Happy Mother's Day to my Mother-In-Law, Grandma Sherri as we call her around here! For always treating me as one of her own and for raising such a wonderful son, my amazing husband! She has always been so supportive of us and all our crazy life adventures and I am so grateful for her as well!  :) 

As for my own little nugget- thanks for making ME the luckiest momma in the world! I just cannot imagine our lives without you in it.  You really are our whole world and everything we've ever dreamt of in a child.  Your outgoing personality, ever constant smile, and sweet little voice make me melt into a puddle.  The sweetest sound I will ever hear in this world is when you call me "momma" (which you've gotten pretty good at by the way!)  We are just so proud to call you ours! 


and because I love my blog readers so, so, so much...I'm offering all of you free shipping on any order placed through my Etsy boutique now through 5/13! Just enter the code: MOTHERSDAY12 for free shipping, all orders will be shipped first thing Monday! :)

Congrats to are the lucky winner of a bracelet! Contact me at moderngracedesigns @

Friday, May 11, 2012

{guest blogger: Jessica from Arcadian Home}

Happy Friday ya'll! I was so excited when Jessica contacted me a few weeks ago to be a guest blogger here on the blog. Of course, y'all know I was thrilled (great timing, considering my little life is absolutely chaotic right now!!!) Thanks again to Jessica for contributing to today's blog post! Hope y'all enjoy! :) 


Hi there! I'm Jessica, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a wonderful online resource for affordable light fixtures. Every day I get to search for beautiful interior design inspirations. Thank you for letting me stop by today Lesley! Today I'd like to share a collection of lovely bathrooms with an exotic twist. I love the idea of decorating around a faraway location and having exotic decor and bathroom lighting. I hope you find these bathrooms as inspiring as I do!
Exotic Bathroom
The rich, warm colors and intricate patterns certainly give this bathroom a lively, exotic atmosphere. The African shield is a brilliant touch.
Exotic Bathroom
The elegant black mirror frames and bamboo print on the wall make this bathroom particularly chic and relaxing. The paper lantern and tasseled towels complete the scene beautifully.
Exotic Bathroom
The soft color palette and subtle Moroccan style of this bathroom is simply gorgeous. The mirrored wall sconce is a unique accent that is sure to provide beautiful lighting in the evening.
Exotic Bathroom
This all-white bathroom draws heavily on Moroccan architectural designs. The arched doorway and large seashell sink create a wonderfully exotic aura.
Bathroom Lighting Fixtures
This luxurious, tropical-inspired bathroom is filled with light, from the recessed lights, to the brilliant ceiling light and petite pendants. Lush greenery make the room feel like it's in a warm jungle setting.
Bathroom Wall Sconce
Just a simple, chic wallpaper with light green pineapple print gives this bathroom a lovely Hawaiian feel. The matching green wall sconce is a perfect choice.
Bathroom Crystal Chandelier
The ornate, gilded d├ęcor in this shimmering bathroom is at once opulent and whimsical. The turquoise glass chandelier provides a brilliant pop of color.
Exotic Bathroom
Colorful Mexican tiles are a wonderful way to add energy and spice to a room. This spacious bathroom is a great place to luxuriate after a long day. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
What do think of exotic details in the bathroom? Let us know in the comments!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{what i wore}

I'm linking up with Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy for another week of outfit inspiration! Thanks for stopping by if your new here! 

This week I got brave, and jumped on the neon bandwagon...

shirt: f21
skinnies: wally
scarf: h&m
stacked bracelets: my online boutique
(apparently I never got around to putting on shoes this day...oops!)

If you haven't checked out my new boutique pretties here's a little preview for you: 

Which one is your favorite? 

Visit my online boutique and tell me which is bracelet is YOUR favorite in the comments below.  

I will draw a lucky winner this Friday! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

{color love:: fuchsia + blue}

Happy Monday morning! 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We got lots of things checked off the ol' to-do list and enjoyed just being a family together (since Mr. Cattlebuyer was gone all last week!).  

Today I'm sharing with you a fun (colorful) color combination that lately has "me" smitten with it! 

Fuchsia + Blue

Totally un-expected, BUT totally fun for spring and summer!  I'm still not sure I could get away with much pink in our house ....being that I am the only girl in the house.  But I would be willing to try--maybe just a few throw pillows or some fun decorative vases perhaps?!  I actually like when using bright poppy (or trendy color combinations) to go a little on the subtle side.  Accent colors if you will.

Here's some examples of my favorite fuchsia + blue rooms (and stuff!)

This is a little "out there" but still love the pop of color through the desk and stools

Oh my word this chandy is sooo fun! This would never fly with my husband, but it's sure fun to look at and dream! 

hot pink tapers-- now this is totally do-able! 

love this pop of color at the end of the bed- although I would put blue print pillows instead of solid here....too much solids in one small image.

cute and colorful porch setting, totally girl-y! 

Love these vases...

Navy + pink is so preppy...loving the white drapes, they tone down the bold dark walls perfectly. 

just a fun table setting-- not sure about the matching curtains and wallpaper (too much stripes!)

Pretty ginger jars with peonies...perfect for spring color! 

So what do y'all think? I'm obsessed with trying to figure out how I can incorporate this color combination into our future home.  

Hope you all have a fantastic day! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

{i've missed you...}

Good morning strangers! 

I was such a horrible blogger this week -- hope you forgive me.  Being a single-parent is HARD work...I would never wish that on anyone.  Of course my baby comes before blogging and everything else which didn't leave me much time to be creative with my blog posts this week. 

forgive me. 

Anyways-- I also missed insta.friday yesterday (guess I'll catch up next week-- been taking lots of camera pictures!)

I also caught up on my pinterest page- been pretty absent from there as well! {such a tragedy! ;)}

but I did find this there...and I sorta love it. 

ain't that the truth? 

Have a lovely weekend see y'all next week! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

{crazy town!}

Sorry y'all never got a post written's been CRAZY over here! 

My jewelry is selling out before I can even get my etsy shop re-stocked.  CRAZY. I told you! I am so thrilled though with all the positive feedback I've been getting from everyone! Seems to be a hit! :) 

Thankfully all this craziness has kept me so busy that the days are flying by! Mr. Cattlebuyer comes home tomorrow and I am so anxious for his arrival home- we miss him terribly! 

Here's a preview of all my pretties: I have a few of these listed in my etsy shop-- hope to restock ASAP!

Thanks to everyone who purchased last week and this week-- y'all are the best! 

Happy Thursday y'all! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{happy may day!}

Happy May Day! 

do something special for someone you love today! 

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