Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Happy Wednesday!

Another week gone by and as much as I wish I had a picture to share with ya'll I just don't. I've sort of fallen off the wiww bandwagon and I need help jumping back on!

Today I thought I'd share with you "what i wish i wore....on wednesdays". Ya know if I had a big important job in some fancy building in New York City.

Like this dress, those sleeves are amazing....

and I'd carry this Chloe bag, with no fear that my nugget would dribble his juice all over it.

of course I'd wear my stylish ray bans as well

and I'd be dripping in gold jewelry....less is not more in this circumstance. Pile it on! The more the merrier:

Of course this is all but a dream...instead I'll be wearing my yoga pants and running shoes with no plans of doing yoga or running today! :)

I'll be "running" with my boy on my hip and instead of being called "mrs." I will be called "nonny" as my sweet toddler struggles with his "m" sounds. I will drive a pick up and instead of flagging down a cab I will just discretely give a wave to the farmer in the john deere I pass as I head into town.

I may not live a very glamourous life, it's not even close to fancy. Somedays getting my hair into a pony tail is a challenge. But I'm telling ya, I have the best life ever. Would not trade a day in a fancy designer dress with big wigs for spending time with my boy doing the everyday and getting to run my own ebusiness from home.

Hope you all enjoy your day, wearing and doing whatever it is that your heart truly desires! Afterall, that really is all that truly matters. No expensive dress or handbag will ever buy you true happiness.



  1. I love this... so true! Wish I was able to stay home with Eizley more but I am oh so very happy with all the time I do get to spend with her.
    I love reading things like this..... knowing I am not the only one running around in yoga pants and a pony tail almost every day!

  2. Thanks Jen! Us mommas have to stick together! Xo


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