Friday, April 27, 2012


Happy Friday Friends! 

Mr. Cattlebuyer and I totally "high-fived" at lunch today! We made it through another crazy week.  We are going to enjoy every minute of our weekend because he's leaving AGAIN Sunday afternoon for a week long trip. 

Anyways- here's our week in instagram pictures! 

Mr. Cattlebuyer took me out on date night last Friday...we had fun but we were back home by 10:30.  Does that mean we are getting OLD? 

Made cini-mini rolls Saturday morning....they are so easy and super yummy! :) 

Conquered a pile of plaid shirts...ironing is my least favorite "chore". 

Enjoyed the beautiful evenings we've had by going on long walks...

Got this "coupon" in my birthday card this year....I was totally excited for FREE babysitting! 
(yep, we are getting old...!)

My pastel birthday cake sprinkles 

Birthday picnic in the park-- my idea of a perfect birthday! :) 

My idea of the perfect birthday card....I still can't believe Mr.Cattlebuyer (and Nugget boy!)  took time to individually switch crayons after every letter.  Even the inside was all rainbow lettered! Hilarious- but I love it! :) 

New necklace I made this week, thinking these may get added to my etsy boutique in a few weeks! 

Bedtime stories with my boy! This is one of his faves! :) 

That's it for this week-- hope you all have a relaxing weekend! 


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