Friday, April 13, 2012


Happy Friday y'all! 

I did a happy dance last week when I found out Instagram is finally compatible with Android phones- it's about time!!! Now I can put off buying an iphone a little bit longer...but you know my birthday (and mother's day!) is coming up shortly! *wink* :) 

 I'm also linking up this week's pictures at Life Re-arranged! 

Thank goodness for technology, our portable dvd player has saved our sanity many times on long road trips.  Curious George you ROCK! :) 

boots just like daddy:

Annual game of Tripoley at Easter...this game is taken very seriously around our neck of the woods! 

I painted my nails this week: Essie, Red Raspberry.  It's my go-to color these days...

Driving back home from Nebraska, don't worry I was in the passenger seat!  :)

Free entertainment for my rover boy this week, I guess living in the middle of a cotton field isn't so bad afterall! ;) 

My mother-in-law rocks! She sent us home with her old stash of it! 

Leopard print makes me happy...

Last but not least...I'm happy to report this little man is finally feeling better! I love waking up to this smile every day! 

Okay- that's all I got for you this week! Hope you all enjoy your weekend, I'll be happy to finally have Mr.Cattlebuyer back home again tonight! I hate being away from him! 


  1. love those leopard shoes! cute pics!!!

  2. I've never met anyone else who knows what Tripoly is! Stopping by from Life Rearranged.


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