Monday, April 23, 2012

{good morning}

Good morning bloggy friends!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, I'm sorta pumped for this week because it just so happens to be my birthday week! Super-duper-excited, birthday's are always fun!  I vow to always live it up (even when the gray hairs and wrinkles start coming...) , every birthday is another year God gives me to live for his glory and I plan on doing just that! :)

Just enjoying my coffee this morning, and doing some spring cleaning on the ol' computer. Hope you enjoy all these pretty things I had saved to share with you for-evah! There is no rhyme or reason...just a mixed random variety here!

I'd totally let it slide if my husband decided to take a sharpie to my coffee mug...sweet huh?

dying over these gorgeous beds....aren't they so pretty?

Love the fresh airy feeling of this kitchen/dining room

No, we don't plan on having another bebe for a while, but isn't this crib somethin' else? Love the matte gold finish and the diagonal striped bumpers are super cute! Also notice the paper doll

sink envy...

My favorite flower of all time, lilly of the valley! These grew every spring in a patch next to my childhood sisters and I, we'd go out and pick big bunches of it and bring it inside.  It smelled so good! I can still smell it now...

This showstopper headboard!

Love the mix of wood, metal, vintage and greenery here:

Hope you all have a beautiful Monday!


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