Thursday, April 12, 2012

{easter goodies}

Last week we took off for home (our 8th and hopefully LAST trip in the past year and half).  We didn't have much time to sit around and twiddle our thumbs, every day was pretty much jam-packed with things to do! We celebrated my birthday early and got to see all the family and some of our wonderful friends! 

We started off our trip with my nugget's first hair cut!  He did great, given the circumstances...he was running a high temp (later discovered 4 new teeth coming through...ugh those darn teeth!) and he had just woke up from his nap.  We'd been planning this day forever, so we couldn't cancel.  Luckily one dum-dum took care of the situation, and the hair cut continued on...followed by a bath and snuggles.

The next day we paid a visit to grams and gramps...and somebody fell in love the kitty cat, Indie! (Nugget's fedora came from wal-mart, he absolutely loves it! Which I think is absolutely hilarious!  I made Mr. Cattlebuyer buy it for him and surprisingly are getting lots of use out's great because he keeps it on and it keeps the sun out of his baby blues and I get a laugh out of it every time he puts it on! He won't keep any other hats nor sunglasses this works!)

Indie was totally showing off...rolling all around and sunbathing in the grass! 

Meanwhile, I smooched on this little sweetie below. I know I'm partial, but is she not the cutest thing you've ever seen? 

and the boys took a ride in the hammock swing...

Then we met our friends and their sweet baby Eizley at the park.  These two munchkins are just 3 months apart...and yes they've known each other their whole lives :) 

Catching my nugget with a smile! 

Easter Sunday we spent at Grandma's nugget finally got some fresh air! If you can't tell he still looks a little sluggish...poor kiddo ran a temp off and on pretty much through the whole trip! 

and this was our attempt at our Easter Picture this year...not great.  it was so windy and apparently quite sunny as well (can you tell we are all blue-eyed people...squinting like crazy!)  Nugget is the only one with his eyes open and he looks like he's giving somebody the stare down...this is why you don't wait til 2 pm (aka naptime) to take a Easter picture.  :) 

we continued on with a Easter Egg hunt in the front yard...nugget participated with some guidance from big cousin Atticus.

We ended up having a great was jam packed full of family, friends, and food!  Wish my little nugget felt better, but we made the most of it while we were there! Mr. Cattlebuyer and I even snuck in a date night for ourselves...which rarely happens these days.  It was much deserved! :) 

Hope you enjoyed our re-cap, I'll be back tomorrow! 

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