Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{i've found the secret!}

I recently discovered the reason why it is physically impossible for me to sit down and watch a movie....

maybe you suffer from the same syndrome I have? 

it's called if the set-ain't-pretty-can't-stand-to-watch-the-movie?

yep.  I don't care how good the acting is...if the set isn't appealing, usually I fall asleep or leave my husband sitting there watching a movie by himself while I bury myself in dishes, or hide behind my phone. 

I'm a romantic comedy kind of girl + swoon over pretty rooms kind of girl!

which explains why I was able to watch the movie "It's Complicated" at least 3 or 4 times when normally I can't even make it through 1/2 a movie without getting restless and bored.  Meryl Streep didn't hurt either...love her! 

Did you find yourself gushing over every detail in her kitchen? I did....it was all so perfectly clutter-y and pretty.  

Love that kitchen! 

love all the "collections" of stuff.

what I wouldn't give to have a big window like that one in my kitchen some day! Love natural sunlight! 

here's kind of a bad picture of the bedroom....also very put together and pretty! 

Have you ever watched a movie and swooned over every single detail in the set? How fun would it be to be a set designer? 

Maybe in my next life....haha! 
Happy Tuesday to you all!


  1. I love this kitchen as well. I think it would be nice to have after your kids are all gone... I know Eizley would just destroy it in 2 seconds flat. Hope you and hubby have a great engagement anniversary today!


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