Friday, March 9, 2012

{friday photos}

Happy Friday Friends!

Looking forward to a fun low-key weekend with my boys! Just prepare yourself...I have a lot of photos to share with you all today, it's been a busy week! 

Monday & Tuesday were fairly nice here so my rover got a little swing time.  I'm tellin' you, this kid loves his swing! I was so sad when we got home a couple weekends ago and realized the 60mph winds we were having busted up his super sturdy {hah!} fisher price swing (i left it in the front yard tree and the wind kept whipping it against the trunk...bad idea!)   But thankfully I used my macgyver skills and took a little duck tape to it...and now I think it's good as new...or good until the next wind storm blows through! ;) 

Then my sweet innocent swinging boy turned into this fussy clingy always wanting to be held child, yep he was sick! (don't worry I picked him up right after I snapped this picture....isn't this what every mother sees when she looks down at her feet?)

and shortly after (one day) he was sick....I got sick too! to the drug store to pick up the necessities: herbal tea, de-congestant, and peanut butter m&ms.  I shared my m&m's with my rover...he has a thing for sweets, no idea where he got that from? certainly wasn't from me! ;) 

and since I've been feeling less than superb....I've used what little energy I have had to clean and organize this week.  (a small glimpse of my sell/donate/get rid of before we move again piles...) although it doesn't look organized to you...I can assure you it is. 

I also took a quick second to organize my fabric stash...I love organizing it by the colors of the rainbow.  Fabric makes me happy. 

I even got a little crazy and whipped up another jon jon for my boy.  I sure hope he appreciates his mommy's handiwork some day! ;) 

only this time..I got a little crazy and used kelly green buttons! I like green.

Also while cleaning I found this little childhood piggy bank! I could not believe it! She still holds my beloved susan b. anthony coins from the tooth fairy, maybe someday I can pass this on to someone who loves her as much as I did/do. 

I also found a few of my childhood watches...yes. i have some hoarder tendencies.  Thankfully because of those tendencies, I find jewels like these that bring back a mountain of memories.  Neither work anymore, if I remember right the Minnie Mouse watch was worn while jumping into the neighbors swimming pool, thus the foggy face.

And I even found this newspaper mom used to have this hanging on the side of our fridge (I think I was about 5 in this picture.) It's yellowed and torn and they totally messed up my name using my older sister's (notice the "Jennifer") which I was devastated about... but I still treasure my 5 minutes of childhood small town fame.  ;)

Okay, now that I've totally bored all of you, go on and have a lovely weekend! :)


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