Friday, March 30, 2012

{friday photo dump}

Happy Friday Friends!

Today is going to be a jam-packed day for us, we have lots on our plate.  I'm wrapping up a super fun design board {dining room} project this afternoon, I'm going to share it with y'all next week! 

I also have to take Cash's Easter john-john in to have it monogrammed this morning with his initials {he's got the same as his daddy, which makes me smile!}.  I've been searching for a place here in town who does embroidery and I finally found someone. 
Praying it'll be done by Wednesday- nothing like waiting until the last minute! :) I also decided last night at 11pm I want to make him a real collared shirt to go underneath his john-john.  I was going to chicken out and just use a white polo shirt but after trying it out, I think we need the real. deal. so back to the fabric store we go...

We also have one of chance's co-workers coming with a moving truck today (we've been storing his stuff for 8 or 9 months while he's been on the road), AND another set of our friends took off yesterday morning (they are moving too!).  So sad to see everyone leave, but happy for everyone's new endeavors.   

Anyways- here's our week in photos! Hope you enjoy....sometimes I wonder if I bore you all with this stuff?

This week we took a trip the the petting zoo...okay not REALLLLY. More like our next door barn, nugget was pretty enamored with this little fella sitting by his feet, sadly I think the baby kid was sick, his eyes were closed the entire time. 

Momma Billy...we call all goats "billy". Even though I have no idea what the difference is between a billy goat and a farm goat? Maybe you can inform me? 

we also walked out to the pasture to see the "moo-moo's" but they ran away from us, ugh! Don't they know we walked across an entire cotton field to get there?  How dare them.... ;) 

Nugget has also become my new gardener...ain't he cute? He does exceptionally well with watering the lawn except when a big semi or tractor rolls through, then he gets easily distracted & looses focus. :) 

Sadly after battling a cold for 3 weeks, I got 1 week of relief and now I'm all sorts of messed up with my allergies.  my relationship with spring is very love-hate.  Since I was feeling less than superb, I broke out my old prismacolors from college one afternoon.  I forgot how much fun these markers are! I spent an hour just doodling future blog designs....I don't remember the last time I sat down and just colored.  would love to get back into sketching-  I think it'd be fun to showcase some sketches on my blog portfolio as well! 

Yes, this is what my mess looked like , and yes that is indeed a Diet Dew can in the background.  Y'all would be so proud of me, I've been really working hard at trying to "ween" myself.  I'm down to 1 or 2 cans a day, which is a BIG deal if you knew the astronomical number I used to drink....

Primsacolors...they are so expensive but by golly these things last! I've had this set since freshman year of college and they all work like they are brand new!)  I guess you get what you pay for...think I paid something like 50 some bucks for this set! YIKES! that's a LOT of moo-la for markers! 

since I gave my sewing machine a break this week, don't think I just sat around doing nothing!  I used my jig-saw skills and hacked down our old counter height table one afternoon to make this perfect little children's table for Cash.  He loves it! I found the chairs last weekend at a flea market and got them for a STEAL from some "peddlers". I was so excited. I have big plans for this little table & chairs.  Thinking the chairs definitely need some fun green paint.  This is now where we eat breakfast, color, and play trucks. 

Cash also got some new spring sneakers....perfect for the park. 

We also splurged and got him his first real pair of cowboy boots now that he's got the walking/running/climbing stairs down pat. He even got to on his first horsie ride last weekend at our friend's house.  I should have taken a picture, but I forgot my camera! :( 

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, we are going to be busy bee's running around trying to get everything ready for our trip next week.  And please wish me luck that I get all this sewing done this weekend! :) 


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