Friday, March 16, 2012

{friday photo dump}

Good Day Friends!  Are y'all ready for St. Patty's tomorrow?

Lately I've been chasin' after this lil leprechaun, maybe you recognize him? He likes hiding behind trees, and loves a good game of chase.  and usually is a real stinker when you tell him it's time to go inside.  Leprechaun's prefer to be outdoors. 

but when my lil leprechaun goes down for a nap I try to find a little "me" time.  This week it involved looking at some arm candy.  I'm swooning over these leather cross bracelets
I'm a huge wrist bracelet stacker...and I may just need to add these to my collection! 

While online "screen" shopping I also found these tory burch drivers, too bad my shoe budget is now where near this price range, but maybe if I'm really really good and keep selling my treasures junk on ebay and facebook.  I can get a pair (actually they are no longer it's highly unlikely...) but a girl can dream right? 

I also got bitten by the sewing bug again this week and made this little quilted dish mat, it sure has come in handy! When wet sippy cups come out of the dishwasher {which they are usually still wet..} this is their resting place. 

And last but not least, I took Cash to go see the chicks at Tractor Supply this week and we couldn't leave without picking up a few animals.  This little puppy is his current favorite, but the ducklings come in at a close second.  We are practicing his animal sounds...he has the ducks down pat..."qwuaack, qwuaakk."  and the puppy "oof , oof" still working on the others! :) 

Hope you all have a wonderful St.Patty's day weekend! 


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