Monday, March 26, 2012

{fashion & interiors: mint green}

Fashion and Interior design parallel one another...what's "hot" in fashion is usually "hot" in interiors as well.

This season pastels seem to be super popular...I've especially been seeing a lot of mint this spring.  It's such a fresh and unique color! And of course with Easter right around the corner, I think everyone needs a little minty goodness in their life! 

You know what they say, what goes around, comes back around! :)

and here are some of my favorite "minty" interiors {and stuff!}:

I'm in love with this pendant light- dying to use it on a future design vision board! 

Mint + Hot Pink...totally unexpected, but the color combination works beautifully together! 

remember that green industrial light I showed you last week? Well check out it's fraternal twin in mint! 

so cute! 

can't take my eyes off this minty armoire- and there's that mint + hot pink again.

so you like the mint green resurgence? Or would you rather leave it in the past? 

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