Thursday, March 8, 2012

{designer love: carter kay}

Sometimes you see an interior designer's work and your jaw just drops....that is exactly what happened to me when I saw Carter Kay's work on Pinterest.  

{what would we do without pinterest?!}

I have to say her interiors really intrigue me! I think a pretty, well designed room should make you study it, for hours which is exactly what I could do with her rooms.  I feel like I should get out a pen and paper and start taking notes....

I love this kitchen...that oven hood makes the whole room! 

another angle...

Love the beachy feel of these shelves...

This room a little too busy for my taste, but I can appreciate her combination of styles, colors, and patterns! 

again, another well designed kitchen and notice the track lighting? In the kitchen? so unexpected, and surprisingly stylish! 

a great example of how fabulous artwork can make a room! 

I want to see more of those dark bookshelves....they look right up my alley! 

so what do you think? I admire her work for her broad sense of style. I can appreciate a designers portfolio who can reach across various styles to create a look all their own.  

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Please check out more of her fabulous portfolio! 

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