Tuesday, March 6, 2012

{design trend: hermes avalon blanket}

I don't know if you have noticed but the Hermes Avalon Blankets seem to be the go-to styling item these days!? I can't believe how many interior designers and home stylists are using them for photo shoots.  My best and most obvious guess is they want to put a touch of that high end, luxury feel into the rooms....after all everyone knows when they see that "H" they know it stands for Hermes.  Kind of like driving a BMW or wearing a Louis Vuitton purse....its all about the name! 

I'm all for high end luxury (even if it's totally out of reach for my mediocre budget) but these blankets come in at around $2575. Kind of ridiculous if you ask me...but hey to each their own! ;) 

Here's some of those Hermes Blankets in rooms: 

loving the wing back chairs...the spotted ikat fabric is so perfect! 

I gotta admit I do like the pop of orange that the avalon blanket provides in this room...

I'm dying over this canopy bed....so gorgeous! 

This room looks like it's in a horse barn (a very fancy horse barn...)

high end glam to this room below, notice the Lucite coffee table, everyone loves Lucite! :) 

Totally diggin' the grey washed walls...grey + orange you can't go wrong! The warm and cool tones really play off each other nicely.

A little bit of a non-tradition use for the blanket...draped over a headboard.  I like it....

Lastly, if this room doesn't feel rich and luxurious than I don't know what does...those tufted leather sofas were just callin' for a Hermes blanket! 

So I'm interested to know what your thoughts are on the Hermes Avalon blanket trend?  You like? 

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