Monday, February 13, 2012


We had such a great time in the big city over the weekend, but of course are happy to be back home and to our normal routine this morning! :)

We basically just hung out and ate yummy food all weekend long... it was perfect. We also realized how "country" we have become since moving to Texas.  I seriously had sweaty palms the entire time we were driving around the city going 75mph on crazy freeways, with no one using their turn signals or brakes. We stayed in the uptown area and also experienced sleeping with the airplanes, sirens, and honking cars all night long....I guess we have sort of gotten used to the peace and quiet of sleeping in the middle of a cotton field in nowhere Texas!

Yesterday morning we went on a walk (despite the chilly temps) in the Highland Park area! You know I never turn down an opportunity to see beautiful homes! :)

We stopped for a few photo ops along the way! Yes, I swear I fall more and more in love with this little nugget every single day!

Family photo in front of the hu-mungo teddy bears, nugget especially LOVED these!

and of course we had to stop and visit the ducks! 

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! I'll be back tomorrow with a fun design related post!


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