Thursday, February 2, 2012

{it's all in the details: cremone locks}

One thing that sets apart a {good} interior designer from a {great} interior designer {in my opinion!}

is that a great interior designer puts an huge amount of thought and care into choosing beautiful details that fill the space they are working on.  It may be the nail head trim on an arm chair, a repeating pattern in the architecture, or something as simple as a beautifully lined kitchen drawer or unique door knob.

Here's one of my favorite examples below, I'm going ga-ga over these cremone locks used on this built-in china cupboard.   First of all, the arched doors are gorgeous, but adding those cremone locks just seals the deal for me.  The display of white and clear glass dishes look equally as lovely! I wouldn't change a single thing.

So, I'm curious are you a detail oriented person? Do you notice the little things?

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