Monday, February 6, 2012


One of my favorite parts of my "job" as an interior designer is getting to use my imagination on every single project! It's a dream come true! I'm always dreaming up ideas for spaces (even if they aren't client projects!).

*disclaimer please don't judge these photoshoped images too closely, they are just a rough "mock-up" of what the space could look like!*

Here is a picture my sister's kitchen below, she wants to do something different with the space.  It's narrow, long, out-dated, and quite dark! It also serves as a hallway into the rest of the house, so it gets a ton of foot traffic.  She's just not in-love with it anymore (she used to love primitive country decor...)  and she wanted my personal opinion! Right now they just want to give it a face lift until they can afford to full remodel down the road. 

Here's the kitchen as in it's current state:

Since my B-I-L isn't sold on painting the cabs just yet, I tried to work with the existing ones. My first order of business was lightening up the space (with only two small windows, this kitchen doesn't get much natural light and the dark cabinet stain doesn't help)  so I suggested painting the walls a fresh and airy light grey! We then had to figure out the flooring choice (still debating between tile and hardwood).  This picture shows what a  tile floor may look like.  Tile is super easy to clean and is so durable which would be nice for all the dirty cowboy boots that come trotting through this space! I also inserted a classic white subway tile back splash, a neutral granite counter top, hardware, and some new accessories.  You can see how even though the existing cabs are still dark, changing everything else in the room really lightens up the whole space and gives the kitchen a real face lift!

Option 1:

I personally thought painting the dark cabs would really make the most dramatic impact on the space.  Below is an example of what white cabs would look like in this kitchen. They make such a difference! I also suggested painting the soffit above the cabs to really create the illusion that the cabinets where taller than they actually are.  This is pretty rough, but gives the general idea (for the record I would not paint the back splash that peachy of a color I just picked a color in the accent fabric and put it on the back splash so my sister could sort of get a feel for what a colored back splash would look like.

Option 2:

The last image is probably my personal favorite! I love the contrast of the dark wood floors paired with the crisp white cabs- you can't go wrong with this combination!

Option 3:

Which option is your favorite?

I always say, I wish I could just have other's just jump inside my head and visualize what I see for their spaces, but until I can figure out those super-powers I'm left with doing photoshoped mock-ups like these!

Hope you all are having a fabulous day!  

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