Friday, February 24, 2012

{friday randomness}

Happy Friday Everyone! 

Sooooo glad this week is coming to an end, and sooooo glad this month is coming to an end (in a little bit).  I have decided February is one of my least favorite months! Not sure whether it's the cold windy weather (nearly lost my cart full of groceries + Cash in the wally parking lot this week...60mph winds!), the feeling that this month has the fewest days but seems to always last the LONGEST, the dead trees/grass/everything (!) here in West Texas, or if it's because of my Grandma's in the hospital, or because we lost my Grandpa last year at the exact same time (February 17th).  Cash also had a birthday party to attend Tuesday afternoon, we went, all was good.  But when I got home my right eyelid started swelling and it is just now starting to look more "normal"...but for a couple days it was totally not attractive! Not to mention, I always miss-spell February.  silly letter -r.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this? 

Okay, that's enough negative.  I usually try to keep this a positive, encouraging place, but I am definitely ready for this month to be over!   

Thankfully Mr. Cattlebuyer is taking over mommy duty for me tomorrow and sending me to the salon.  I'm so overdue for a haircut/color it's not even funny!   Yep, they say when you become a mom you have less time for yourself, I'd have to agree 100%.  The good thing is, is that my baby doesn't care if my ends are split and my roots are showing.  Nope. He loves me all the same!

 Love that unconditional kind of love.  :) 

We finally found a day that was nice enough to get to the park this week,  and so I brought my camera along...I'm trying to learn how to shoot in Manual Mode! I've owned my camera for a year and half and up until recently I've always been scared to shoot manually.  Not anymore! :) 

Love those messy just-woke-up-from-his-nap curls.

those blue eyes melt my heart. 

These two...I tell you, they are best friends.  Love that little hand on daddy's neck. Love that man. love that boy.

Love this quote:

And this fabric....I'm using on a Client's Bedroom Design Board! Loving the soft and ethereal color palate!

Also, I did sew up nugget some new britches, thinking I'll make some more for him this weekend (if I have time).  

Okay....that's all I got for you this week! Thanks again for your constant prayers for my Grandmother, she was squeezing my sister's hand this week, and could shake her head "yes" or "no" when asked questions, things like "are you cold?",  "are you warm?" and she could respond by shaking her head... truly amazing! 

So encouraging to know she is responsive and able to communicate a little bit. She's got a long road ahead of her, but I know with God's help anything is possible!  

Have a great weekend! 


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