Friday, February 10, 2012

{friday randomness}

Happy Friday Y'all!

This week has been a doozy- you'd think after months of Chance working long hours I'd get used to it, but that just isn't the case. Sadly,  I didn't get as much e*design work done this week as I'd like and now I'm feeling a little behind.  Ugh, oh well next week is always a new week (right?) and I was super excited when husband texted me yesterday asking...

"do you want to go to Dallas this weekend?"

uhhhh, YES! is that even a question!? :)

 So I guess we'll be taking an impromptu trip to the big D this weekend for a little mini vaca and some design inspiration! It's long overdue considering we are those type of people that continually make excuses for not going out and doing things, you know what I'm talking about, it's so EASY to make excuses once you have kids...

no babysitter, not enough time, not enough money, what would we do, can't get off work, ect. ect.

it's horrible, but we are very guilty of falling into that category OFTEN.

Anyways- here's some random  { love} from our week:

1. paper mache birds I got at Michael's for cheap in the dollar section...they remind me of our ceramic cake topper birds that we lost after our wedding!
2. sparkly glitter heard garland with leftover scrapbook paper....Cash even helped with this project! He was the heart "organizer"  I cut them out and he threw them everywhere! ;)
3. new silicone cupcake liners waiting to be filled with yummy cake batter for valentine's day!
4. drinks are always better with a pink straw in them...don't you think?
5. love when my husband doodles our names on notepads- random scribbles on top are courtesy of Cash (who seems to always find a random pen floating around to scribble on papers with!)
6. I'm turning into my mother more and more.  I cannot resist nibs, I totally justify these chewy goodies because the package says they are a "low fat" snack! Yep that's exactly what I tell myself too!
7. Chalkboard love notes!
8. Play dates outside with Cash...the kid loves being outside.
9. LOVE that the fern my M-I-L gave us is finally flourishing and growing!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend- try to MAKE time for the one's you love!




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