Friday, February 3, 2012

{friday randomness}

Happy FRIDAY friends!

As always I'm linking up my usual randomness from the week:

Found this via Pinterest:

life is too short to not do what you love.  thankful I'm getting to do just that.

I also fell in love with this beautiful Nate Berkus ottoman below...only to find out it's sold out.
I'm heartbroken y'all, it's so beautiful although I can't imagine we'd ever keep it looking this white in our house anyway. probably for the better!

Also- Toms debuted their new ballet flats, hello cuteness.
I'm usually not a "leopard print" kind of girl in my clothing choices but I think those leopard flats would be adorable with so many outfits!

Also while scooping for inspiration, I found this sweet girl's room.  Planning on doing a twin (bed) feature soon! I'm loving the look of two twin beds in one room, it reminds me of my childhood days of sharing a room with my own sister! So sweet...the color palate is also fabulous!

And I'm still gathering {dream-y} office space the grey cabinets and the framed silhouette art in this image below.  

Last but not least I couldn't leave you guys without a picture of my little man...I'm telling you, he is getting so big, it's scaring me (in a good sort of way...) I asked him yesterday to get a diaper (not thinking he even knew what a diaper really was) and a minute later he comes out in the living room carrying a diaper in his hand!!! I could not believe it.  THEN of course naturally I started clapping and hoopin and hollerin' like a crazy lady because I was so stinkin' proud of him!! I'm sure he thought I lost my marbles.

 Later on (just to test his knowledge...) I decided to ask him another random question.  This time, I asked him where his swing was and sure enough the kid takes his little chubby index finger and points outside the window to his tree swing in the front yard.  I was so amazed..and now I totally get that
 "proud mommy, my kid is totally the smartest kid in the whole world feeling!"

He's pretty darn sweet...
Hope you all have a lovely weekend- we are headed to Lubbock to help our friends move into their new house!  It should be fun! :)

What are y'all up to this weekend?

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