Thursday, February 9, 2012

{design trend: lacquer}

How about a little lacquer love for today? It's not something I usually use in my design's because quite honestly, it's not very practical.  Lacquer must be applied on very smooth surfaces to get the best coverage (any dints or dings in a piece of  furniture or a wall and your lacquer is going to look less than superb- high gloss finishes show everything!) Also, lacquer shows fingerprints, so if you have little's high gloss finishes aren't always the best option for you.... (unless you like cleaning!)

But I gotta say, I love how lacquer breathes new life into old antiques!

Love this pop of red!

Black lacquer looks super sophisticated and elegant, don't you think?

Or if you are of the daring-type how about doing your entire wall in lacquer? I think lacquer looks best if you have some millwork on your walls- gives some dimension and the shiny sheen helps highlight the woodwork!

Or how about giving your kitchen cabs a face lift? I'm not sure I'd ever be brave enough to do this, but I love how the high gloss gives it that glamorous quality.  

so what do you think about the lacquer trend?
You likey? Or should we leave the lacquer trend to the super star celebs?

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