Monday, January 9, 2012

{trend alert: table skirts}

I've always been a girly girl....I don't even think I wore denim jeans (except one year during the county fair when my mom made me wear them...and that was first and last time I showed a bucket calf!) until maybe 5th or 6th grade!

up until then it was either:
a) leggings
b) skirt
c) dress

I did eventually got over my funk with denim (i thought it was "scratchy")....ya know when I hit middle school and started caring more about what other's thought of me (boys...) and less about comfort. haha!

Anyways...this is all to say that deep down inside I'm still that girly girl.  Nothing I love more than wearing a cute skirt or dress (probably with my favorite pair of boots).  And nothing I love admiring more than a pretty skirted table. I especially love a pleated and structured  table skirt- they just look so tailored and classic. 

 Plus, skirted tables are a great place to hide your junk stuff! And who doesn't love that!?  :)

 Hope y'all are having a great Monday!

Did anybody else think the weekend went by wayyy too fast?


  1. I love all of these photos b/c I recently moved my desk into our upstairs hall and a tailored skirt is exactly what I had planned for it!! So classic!


  2. Cute! Good luck with your table....when your done with yours would you like to make me one too?! ;)


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