Wednesday, January 4, 2012

{trend alert: convex mirrors }

Now that we are all done reflecting on 2011{or most of us...did my baby really just become a toddler right before my eyes?} I figured today would be a good day to really reflect on what's popping up in home decor trends...mirrors. convex mirrors to be specific.

I try to always stay on top of home decor part of my job after all. {Pretty sweet huh?}

And I gotta say the Convex mirror is really making it's comeback!  In case you don't believe me, I'm providing you with ample images...

Do you own a convex mirror? If so, I'm completely jealous....I think I really need to score a few for my own home.  I love that they are something different to use than the uber popular star burst mirror. I vote Convex Mirrors for 2012!

Also, I want to wish my {big} sister a Happy Birthday today! I sure wish we lived closer to help celebrate with you, but I'll be thinking of you tonight- eat piece of cake for me please! :)

Happy Wednesday!

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