Friday, January 20, 2012

{Friday Randomness: tgif}

Did anybody else think this was super LONG week or was it just me?
So happy it's FRIDAY.

Mr. Cattlebuyer is in Amarillo today, Muleshoe tomorrow, and next weekend he is going to be gone all weekend long going back home to get his new company pick-up! Not to mention every day he puts in 13+ hr days at the plant. We miss him. and I think that's partially what makes our days seem twice as long here at home.
But, I am very thankful for his job even if it takes away from "us" more than I'd like it too...and I'm especially proud of all his hard work.
okay. enough of that.
onto the business of the day:
Friday Randomness (I haven't done it for a while...but I'm starting it back up- I like that it gives me an opportunity to share a little about myself, some behind the scenes of our life...)

Lately, I've been smoochin' these cheeks...

and we've been playing A LOT of nugget loves his tractors!

Okay and when I'm not smoochin' or playin' farmer, I've been admiring this necklace- cute huh? thinking possible DIY project.

Okay and I think all those john deere tractors are wearin' off on me...because I really love this kelly green blouse.

 I also finished up this new silohuette horse art for nugget's room....let me tell you being married to a horse lover- he was critiquing every on of my brush strokes.  He told me my horse sketch looked "good" so I figured it was great to start painting- well once I got the paint on the canvas and held it up vertically he told me it looked like a long wiener dog! I was mortified and so sad. Luckily with his suggestions I got the body balanced out and now I think it looks more like a horse and less like a dog.

I'm also still dreaming of my office space...some day.

I sort of love this bag- except instead of cake I'd eat cookies.  .

These cookies to be exact. They are amazing, they are worth walking a few extra laps at the park for... 

Okay- that's all the randomness I can handle for today. 

 Hope you all have a fabulous Friday.

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