Monday, January 30, 2012

{fashion & interiors: fur}

Happy Monday Lovelies!

The thing I love the most about the world of design is that all types of design (interiors, textile, fashion, graphic, architecture) parallel one another! For example, what you see on the fashion runway directly influences what you see in the home design huh? 

Although, I know spring is right around the corner-- winter fur is still popping up all over interiors (and was shown all over the runway this fall/winter). 

And no matter what season it is, I've never met a person who doesn't love a "cozy feeling" room and nothing warms up a room more than a fur throw blanket!  We own a faux one and I'm telling you it is so amazing we are guilty of using it year round.  Partially because I'm ALWAYS cold, and partially because its so fabulous.  I usually drag it out in the winter and throw it over our sofa back and in the spring/summer I tuck it in a near-by basket... it's every body's favorite blanket! Plus, fur adds instant texture and a hint of glamor to any space.

Here's some examples of fur used in both fashion & interior design...

on the runway:


in the home:

So I'm curious to know- do you own a fur throw?

Also, Mr. Cattlebuyer arrived safely home yesterday afternoon, and I gotta say I've never been happier to see him! Thanks for keeping him (and me!) in your prayers. We greeted him with big hugs & a "brinner" (breakfast dinner) it was a great evening!  But, we are back to the grind today!

Hope you all make today a great day!

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