Friday, January 13, 2012

{fabric love: Schumacher Chenonceau}

Happy Friday Modern Grace Lovers!

{Did you notice my new header? I'm so fickle when it comes to my blog design...I always gotta change it up! I thought my last design was getting a little "busy" on the eye, trying to simplify things around here for 2012.  Anyways, hope you like it! I have a few more things to edit, but hope to have it all done soon!}

on a more designerly note:

Lately I've been obsessing (i know, i know,  i obsess a lot!) over this Schumacher fabric Chenonceau (Fawn)... I think it's pretty much swoon worthy, don't you agree?

It even comes as a wallpaper, talk about making a statement!

I'm partial to the more neutral colorway....such a great backdrop!

Here it is used in drapes, very elegant yet with hint of whimsy.

I even love it on a small scale, check out these envelopes lined with it by Mary Mcdonald.
Cute huh?

I think it would look especially great on an upholstered headboard....or maybe some throw pillows.

My head is spinning with ideas on where I could use this print!

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