Friday, January 6, 2012

{design board: kitchen}

This is one of my very first kitchen design boards- when my client contacted me you know I was over.the.moon. excited!  Kitchen design is VERY involved...and I would always, always, always, recommend a good contractor before you even think about beginning a project of this magnitude.  You just never know what you are going to find with kitchens...thus they are a little more labor intensive than just remodeling a bedroom or hallway!

Anyways- where I'm am this, If you really want to see HOW it is all going to look together, design boards are so fabulous for kitchens! This client needed just that- piece of mind that her vision was actually going to look great in real life!  

Kitchens are also one of the most expensive rooms in your house to design/remodel- so you really don't want to screw it up! A lot of people complain about "interior design fees" - but I'm also going to say the long run interior designers can actually SAVE you money.  Look at it this way, do it once, the RIGHT way, or doing it 3-4 times the wrong way (wrong paint color, outdated furniture, horrible lighting, bad space planning). You are always going to save money by doing it the right way the first time!

Okay I'll get off my soap box now....but please check out this amazing kitchen board below:

ain't "she" pretty?

We kept most of the main surfaces (cabinets, counters, back splash) crisp, clean white (we kept it visually appealing by adding lots of textures!)....and added rich accents of black, brown , and metallic gold and silver! I'm guaranteeing this kitchen design will be stylish for a long time to come! The mixed metals and touches of masculine wood with feminine glass and gold touches really make this kitchen a winner!

*(As a courtesy to my clients, I don’t share source information.)*


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