Thursday, January 12, 2012

{blog stalking}

I ran across Maria Beck's Blog "Live Beautifully" the other day...and I was totally smitten.  This girl has some serious style- and she graduated from Texas Tech which is pretty cool too since that's right down the road from our house! 


You should definitely check out her blog, and check out these 5 armed chandeliers she used in this dining room, aren't they gorgeous? I love that she doubled them up for a bigger impact with those tall ceilings. So great!

And here is the chandelier sans pretty room if you are interested in purchasing one or two for yourself:

You can find them at Circa Lighting- one of thee best sources for lighting if you ask me!

In other random news: I got this cutie below in the mail yesterday!

I couldn't believe it, I actually won something on Lisa Leonard's blog...which is a BIG DEAL since I'm about the most un-luckiest person ever when it comes to blog giveaways.  I actually don't even remember how I won it.  But I suppose that doesn't matter because I think it's pretty fabulous, you'll definitely be seeing it in my WIWW next week!

Big thanks to Lisa Leonard and Jess from Allora Handmade!  I love my new necklace! xxoo

Hope you all have a lovely day!

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