Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'm linking up with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy for another week of outfit inspiration!

here's the dets on my outfit this week:

mustard cardi: jcpenny (just noticed I wore mustard yellow in last week's post too...opps! What can I say...I like mustard yellow!)
navy gingham shirt: target (found this in the little boys section- only $12.99!)
skinnies: gap
boots: vintage
turquoise bauble necklace: made it
bling necklace: gift

Hope you all are having a fantastic day- come see me again next week!

{attic space}

I dream of one day transforming an old attic space into something like this:

I love everything about the feel of this room, seems very live-able to me, like a stylish man-cave...or actually in this case a man-attic! The comfy plaid sofa, mix-matched furniture, brass sconce, planked walls, wire lamp shade- it's all so good!

haha , even the air conditioning unit in the corner- real life!

Hope you all are enjoying your day--we just got back from the park, it's so beautiful outside today!  Just what the doctor ordered! :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

{fashion & interiors: fur}

Happy Monday Lovelies!

The thing I love the most about the world of design is that all types of design (interiors, textile, fashion, graphic, architecture) parallel one another! For example, what you see on the fashion runway directly influences what you see in the home design trends...cool huh? 

Although, I know spring is right around the corner-- winter fur is still popping up all over interiors (and was shown all over the runway this fall/winter). 

And no matter what season it is, I've never met a person who doesn't love a "cozy feeling" room and nothing warms up a room more than a fur throw blanket!  We own a faux one and I'm telling you it is so amazing we are guilty of using it year round.  Partially because I'm ALWAYS cold, and partially because its so fabulous.  I usually drag it out in the winter and throw it over our sofa back and in the spring/summer I tuck it in a near-by basket... it's every body's favorite blanket! Plus, fur adds instant texture and a hint of glamor to any space.

Here's some examples of fur used in both fashion & interior design...

on the runway:


in the home:

So I'm curious to know- do you own a fur throw?

Also, Mr. Cattlebuyer arrived safely home yesterday afternoon, and I gotta say I've never been happier to see him! Thanks for keeping him (and me!) in your prayers. We greeted him with big hugs & a "brinner" (breakfast dinner) it was a great evening!  But, we are back to the grind today!

Hope you all make today a great day!

Friday, January 27, 2012

{friday random-ness}

Welcome to another edition of Friday RANDOMNESS. where everything is pretty random.
the story of my life...

Today is a very sad Friday at our house- we are saying goodbye to Mr. Cattlebuyer today.  He's off to get his shiny new pickup, while me and nugget soothe our sorrows at the mall.

I told him we'd just "window" shop. but I may end up doing some retail therapy and spend a few gift cards I got over the holidays...we shall see! I also doubled up on whip cream in my coffee this morning hoping my whip cream overload would calm my tears. it didn't work, I'm still bummed about him leaving.

Anyways-- here's a glimpse at some {pinterest} randomness.

loooooooovvvving this bag. she's so pretty--I don't even know if I'd would be able to use  her with my messy life.
A couple of these brackets would make some amazing kitchen shelves....

Ever since I finished up my sweet design boards this past week I've been googling monograms..this one is one of my faves. Monograms just seem so southern to me.

Love this quote. adjust your sails.

I also want to pick up my sewing hobby again (I go through phases...can you tell?) haha.

I really want to try and make this skirt.

and some of these ruffle-y cuties:

and a couple of these pom-pom pillows for Nugget's room:

okay. i better stop before I get too carried away...

Please say a prayer for my husband that he has safe travels this weekend and if you think of it, say a prayer for me too. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend-- maybe I'll see ya at the mall? ;)


Thursday, January 26, 2012

{color combination: mango+pink}

Something about this punchy mango + pink color palate is making me *swoon*--wouldn't this be a fun and slightly unexpected color palate for a Valentine's party? Now I want to design a whole room around this  fabulous vignette!

Check out more of the party details from this image by clicking here.

Hope you all are having a fabulous Thursday!

{design board:Young Girl's Bedroom}

I told you last week how I've had the privilege of working on some girl-y spaces for my E*design clients, and this is another one of those spaces!

This young girl's bedroom was already painted {robin's egg blue} and the bedding {multi-colored paisley} was already purchased as well as all the furniture pieces.  My job was to tie everything together and put some finishing touches on the room using art, accessories, and textiles.  We ended up going a little "shabby chic/vintage" with the room, not too grown up yet not too juvenile either....it was a fine balance create the perfect room for this young girl.  Since her original bedding was visually busy in pattern and color we let that be the focal point of the room and worked with more subtle patterns for all the finishing pieces- the window treatment, rugs, art, ect.  We pulled the accent colors: turquoise, hot pink, and orange directly out of the bedding.  Overall, I think all the accessories and art choices really pull the room together as well as make the focal point (the bed in this case...) a true show stopper!

I gotta admit, I'm partial to children's rooms- they are always super fun to work on!  Big thank you to my amazing E*design clients, y'all are the best!


If you are interested in my interior design services please email me at:

It would be my joy to help you create the room of your dreams!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Happy Wednesday Friends!

I'm linking up (as always) with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy for some fun outfit inspiration!

Mustard Wrap-Modern Vintage Boutique
Stripe shirt- Wally
Skinnies: Dillards
Boots: Vintage
Necklace: Cowgirl Cottage

Hope you all are having a fabulous day, thanks for stopping by!

{fabric love: otomi}

How about a little otomi fabric love...

I first spotted this dreamy headboard, the pattern + coral red = L.O.V.E

this wing back chair is pretty fabulous as well, the exposed frame is exceptionally pretty.

or how about a wall mural in otomi-- wouldn't this be an amazing focal wall in a nursery?

love a pretty neutral colorway...

or how about using just a fabric scrap as an accent tablecloth? I wouldn't mind working on that pretty table! 

What do you think? Are you a fan of otomi prints?

I think they are quite charming! Hope you make today great! :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

{color crush: green}

I'm working like a crazy lady today on a kitchen remodel design board & some photoshoped visuals to show my clients today! I can't wait to share them with you guys too when I get it all put together.
Meanwhile, I'm inspired by all things green...perhaps its because everything is dead, brown and rather "blah" outside?  
Loving this chair from Crate & Barrel:


this green pickup is so cool...

that green bench is just perfect against that foyer wall (Urban Grace Interiors) 

What's inspiring y'all today?


Sunday, January 22, 2012


Going through old pictures this afternoon...oh how quickly time passes!

Hope you are having a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

{trend alert: lantern love}

The lantern pendant style of lighting is super trendy right now...

I love the bold, rustic, outdoor-sy quality it adds to any space..no matter what room a lantern is hanging in- it is garunteed to demand attention!

Here are some of my favorite lantern examples:

I'm telling you, lanterns steal the show in any room!

Here is one of my favorites from Bellacor Lighting...

I'm already dreaming where I could hang this beauty....or how about painting it a fun pop of color like in Tommy Symth's kitchen design - red. turquoise. green.  I'm tellin' ya my mind is spinning with ideas!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Friday, January 20, 2012

{Friday Randomness: tgif}

Did anybody else think this was super LONG week or was it just me?
So happy it's FRIDAY.

Mr. Cattlebuyer is in Amarillo today, Muleshoe tomorrow, and next weekend he is going to be gone all weekend long going back home to get his new company pick-up! Not to mention every day he puts in 13+ hr days at the plant. We miss him. and I think that's partially what makes our days seem twice as long here at home.
But, I am very thankful for his job even if it takes away from "us" more than I'd like it too...and I'm especially proud of all his hard work.
okay. enough of that.
onto the business of the day:
Friday Randomness (I haven't done it for a while...but I'm starting it back up- I like that it gives me an opportunity to share a little about myself, some behind the scenes of our life...)

Lately, I've been smoochin' these cheeks...

and we've been playing A LOT of farmer....my nugget loves his tractors!

Okay and when I'm not smoochin' or playin' farmer, I've been admiring this necklace- cute huh? thinking possible DIY project.

Okay and I think all those john deere tractors are wearin' off on me...because I really love this kelly green blouse.

 I also finished up this new silohuette horse art for nugget's room....let me tell you being married to a horse lover- he was critiquing every on of my brush strokes.  He told me my horse sketch looked "good" so I figured it was great to start painting- well once I got the paint on the canvas and held it up vertically he told me it looked like a long wiener dog! I was mortified and so sad. Luckily with his suggestions I got the body balanced out and now I think it looks more like a horse and less like a dog.

I'm also still dreaming of my office space...some day.

I sort of love this bag- except instead of cake I'd eat cookies.  .

These cookies to be exact. They are amazing, they are worth walking a few extra laps at the park for... 

Okay- that's all the randomness I can handle for today. 

 Hope you all have a fabulous Friday.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

{design board: sweet nursery}

Just in the past couple weeks I've been working on some girl-y spaces for my fabulous E*design clients. 

This is one of those sweet rooms below.... 

I love the subtle hints of light pink and baby blue paired with a few touches of gold....makes this nursery sweet enough for baby but sophisticated enough for the Momma- to-be! As all of us momma's know she will spend many hours in that rocking chair!

If this board doesn't make you want to have a little girl than I don't know what does! :)

Hope y'all have an amazing day!

If you are interested in my interior design services please email me at:

It would be my joy to help you create the room of your dreams!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{cash's nursery}

Sneeky peaks of Cash's nursery (ahhh, is it totally inappropriate to call it his "nursery" when he's not a newborn anymore?)

I don't know..but I'm rollin with "nursery" it's not like he's in a big boy bed yet.. right?

still working on his crib and a few other little things...I've gone a little more modern cowboy-ish (did you notice his new stripe-y artwork?) hoping one day (probably when he really is in his big boy bed) I'll have his room "done."

Hope you all are having a great day!


Happy Wednesday friends....I gotta say Wednesday  totally snuck up on me this week- I only have this one measly picture! I even wore a couple "good" outfits I just always forget to snap a picture!

Oh well...here's to better luck next week!

white tee- old navy
skinnies- target
yellow scarf - target
boots- wally
striped socks- dollar general
flower pin - me

and if my outfit happened to be transformed into a bedroom- here's what I'd look like, pretty huh?

this bedroom > than my outfit

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday- come see me again next week! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{layering up}

Just like any good outfit...

adding layers of elements makes things more interesting. more dynamtic. more appealing to the eye.

same rules apply for interior design and rugs- believe it or not!

The look of layered rugs {hide + sisal or jute} has been around for a while but it's still hot as ever- the immediate texture it provides is simple beautiful.

I especially love the contrast of the organic lines of the hide rug paired with the structured lines of a textured jute or sisal rug.  They just play off each other perfectly. And the contrast in textures is just the icing on the cake.

So how about you? Are you ready to layer up a bit this winter?

I'm working on a master bedroom registry design board using this very technique- I can't wait to share with you!

Hope you all have a beautiful day!

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